It is our belief that the translation process is one of hard work and creativity. But while we respect the creative work involved in the service provided by the translator to the client, we also deem it necessary to lower the cost to the client as much as possible. The fees we charge for our translations will fluctuate according to the difficulty of individual translation projects and the time limit set by the clients for the finished product. The difficulties posed in providing a finished translation depends on the expertise and specialization involved in the material requiring translation. A translation demanding a high degree of specialization would command more time and effort on the part of the translator and therefore would attract a higher service fee. The standards we set for our services are to provide good translations for our clients at a reasonable cost. However, we will not sacrifice the quality of our work by offering cheaper rates in an attempt to attract clientele.

In order to provide translations of the best possible quality, we ask for the full cooperation of our clients. Our clients should plan and make arrangements as early as possible, notify us beforehand and provide us with a final copy of the document or material they wish to translate, give us enough time to ensure the quality of the finished product.

“The Consultant” has its own style and language presentation and the translators contracted each have their own command of the relevant language. We therefore cannot guarantee a totally accurate interpretation of every tone or turn of speech in the original document. However, we try our best to provide a correct translation. With this principle accepted by both sides, we undertake to provide, free of charge, two alterations of the first translation, if you wish to bring it to conform to your understanding of the document and to the style of writing that you desire.

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